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Menampilkan postingan dari Agustus, 2013

Unforgettable Jogjakarta

hey lovely readers!
as what i've told in the previous post, I will post my journey experience to you.
This summer holiday, I enjoyed Java Island to the maxx :)
Yes, on 1st august-6th august my sister and i spent the holiday in Jogja.

We started the journey at 8 pm from Stasiun Kereta Bandung and taking "Katurangga executive Train". 
It took approximately 8 hours until we arived in beautiful Jogja. It was 4 am actually when we arrived and we rushed out from the Station and then take "Becak Jogja" to drop us to the home stay, near Malioboro. 

We chose "Sweet home-home stay" Jl.Dagen Pajeksan Lor No.164 Jogjakarta. Really recommended! not too small room, has a double bed, TV, AC, a bathroom inside the room, and the important thing, It was so comfortable :) And for the price, i thought it's very cheap, because it only cost you  IDR 150.000 or less than $20.

Well, Day 1 began...
We started the morning with breakfast at "Gudeg Yu Djum" the highly r…

I'm Back

Hi, I'm back! again, after a longggggggggggg hiatus :3
I miss this blog so much, i really wait this time to start writing again :).
Earlier, i want to write when the holiday was begun, which is exactly in the end of july, however I travelled 
to Bandung for my sister's graduation and continued the journey to jogja.

Gratefully, i had so much fun during this holiday. I explored West Java, Jogjakarta, and a few region of Central Java. From these holiday, i knew that 'Beautiful Indonesia' isn't only Bali. Yeah, because We have so much beach around Java which is pretty,virgin,and awesome as Bali. I flied to Bali few years ago, and this year I spent my summer holiday in 6 other awesome beach around Java. How Beautiful Indonesia is!
 Indrayanti Beach,  Jogjakarta

Sadranan Beach, Jogjakarta
You know what,after back to my hometown i felt like the beach-thing, the explorer-thing haunted me over and over. LOL! Yeah, i mean I got ADDICTED to beach,nature,and so on. hahaha. Yes,ME WAN…