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Beach & Seafood

Hello Monday!
today isn't like any kinda freaking yet stressful monday. Horray! 
All exams are finished and it's mean I've Done my 3rd Semester in Medschool. 
Time Flies so fast, I will enter the 4th semester in middle of February. I'm grateful for all goods and bads
happened in the last semester, I promise myself, i will be better, better and better in the next semester. 

As a beginning in my holiday, My family and I went to a local beach next to our region.
It's "Pantai Bunga" located in Batubara, North Sumatera. It took 2 hours driving from my house.
Just call it "Family escaping" because we didn't make much preparation and fyi we actually didn't know
about the location but my dad said he was a map-walking. Hahahaha

Arriving at the beach, we took a place for sit and relax. My mom ordered a lot of seafood. A LOT *yummy
After ate all of those food, my sister and i took a lot of photos near the beach. Forget about our silly face, hahahahaa 

ootd : floppy hat, crochet outwear, black tank, blue short, purple strappy sandals

 Starfishhh :)

Currently be my favourite strappy sandals, I call this "bubblegum" :) 

Massive Seafood | M A S S I V E 

We left that spot at 3.00 pm but the journey wasn't finished yet. woohoo! We went to the port and took a short trip with boat to buy a lots FISH and other SEAFOOD in the middle of the beach!! yayness!

it was my first experience using a small&old boat, and it was so fun buying all seafood in the middle of the beach. actually the fish-seller were stayed in the bigger-floated ship 

 it was the Traditional Fish-seller ship


row row row your boat, gently down the stream...
merrily,merrily,merrily,merrily, Life is but a D R E A M :)

That was a fun day :) I do wish for other trip to others fabulous place in my hometown "NORTH SUMATERA"

wuff :)


  1. Halo... What should I call you? Peny or Ruth or Jessica? hehe
    Wah senang rasanya ketemu rekan sejawat yg punya hobby sama (ngeblog). Ketemunya di blog lagi.

    Aku juga mahasiswa kedokteran univ. Udayana, Denpasar, dan sama seperti kamu semseter 3. :D
    Sebenarnya aku asal Tebing Tinggi, SUMUT loh. hehe

    Semoga kita bisa berteman dan saling sharing pengalaman ya

    Really nice to meet you :)

  2. Beautiful beach! It looks so pretty there. Love your cute sandals.

  3. what a great post, wish i could go there :D

  4. i've leaved in Sumatera when i was young ;) and i love to visit there again and again, my father is a Batak and my clan is Tambunan. so i'm happy to get a Batak friend from blog. xx

    1. i'm happy too :) you could visit our motherland here in north sumatera. there are so many awesome places like samosir island,danau toba,etc :D

  5. Oke Pen. Iyah tapi aku baru semester 4 nya bulan maret, soalnya OSCE aja belom. hhaha
    Aku dari SMANSA tebing. Dulu aku sering bgt kok ke Siantar soalnya rumah opungku disitu. Kalo km dr SMA mana?

  6. Seafood is my ultimate lovely food !!! Look at that giant crab :) Really looks good !

  7. iya nih OSCEnya tgl 30 januari nanti. semester 3 itu ada block hemato, immune, infeksi dan skin. kalian udah pake sistem block juga?

  8. Such a beautiful place!
    Sure, let's follow each other)
    Following you now, waiting for you)

  9. WOW!!! Beutiful place and beautiful pics.We are following you now can you follow us back? Kisses

  10. such a beautiful view and indeed the food were massive & look so delish :9 aah pengen bgt kesituuuu lagi. i went to Toba quite often when i was a kid tho, since my "kampung" is around there. it's pretty lovely compared to how hectic Jakarta is. thanks for sharing the photos!


  11. hello darling! thank u for visiting my blog! now I follow u! kisses


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