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Menampilkan postingan dari Januari, 2013

Photoblog : Berastagi

Yuhuuu, I'm back with another photos from my holiday to Berastagi.
Yes, my mom, dad and i went to berastagi last thursday and we stayed for one night in Mikie Holiday hotel
A well-spent holiday in Berastagi left so many photos in my DSLR camera..
Here are the random photos from a few places in Berastagi

When the sun stroke...


Spotted. COUPLE


and they are all YELLOW

COTTON on the Sky


Another COTTON from Berastagi's morning View





POPULATION (taken from the highest hill in Gundaling, Berastagi)



I Love Photo Hunting! Gonna do more photo session with another objects. 
p.s please leave your comments!        Wuff you!

Beach & Seafood

Hello Monday! today isn't like any kinda freaking yet stressful monday. Horray!  All exams are finished and it's mean I've Done my 3rd Semester in Medschool.  Time Flies so fast, I will enter the 4th semester in middle of February. I'm grateful for all goods and bads happened in the last semester, I promise myself, i will be better, better and better in the next semester. 
As a beginning in my holiday, My family and I went to a local beach next to our region. It's "Pantai Bunga" located in Batubara, North Sumatera. It took 2 hours driving from my house. Just call it "Family escaping" because we didn't make much preparation and fyi we actually didn't know about the location but my dad said he was a map-walking. Hahahaha

Arriving at the beach, we took a place for sit and relax. My mom ordered a lot of seafood. A LOT *yummy After ate all of those food, my sister and i took a lot of photos near the beach. Forget about our silly face, hahahah…