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Menampilkan postingan dari September, 2011

I'm Back !! Yes I'm Back :)

Just so you know, i'm still alive and i miss you so damn Blogspal :) !
i've been on hiatus since i started my university's Life.
I'm currently living on Medan, I live by myself in a lil flat in front of the college.
Though my hometown is not so far from Medan,actually i always miss my home's scent
I miss how my dad,mom,bro treat me well there, I miss my Lalala Land aka My bedroom :(

Well, fyi Being a medical student is not as easy as i thought i could
The tons of Book are my new friend, The hundred tasks,lessons,assignments,and of course
Some Practical Lessons are the new nightmare :(

The Craziest part is i will face the 1st Exam on the next Saturday!! HELL yeah
so now let me strive as much as i can, I'll learn to make myself ready on the next exam
Do pray for me :[

Well, gotta study my pals. I'll be back as soon as the end of the exam.
I Get my new Modem aka Internet Connection so don't worry i'll post something oftenly :D

Goodbye! XOXO