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Menampilkan postingan dari Juli, 2011

Smiling though it's Aching

good monday everybody :))
before you read my post fully, please give your best smile to others 
well, i've learnt for days tha we can't always get what we wanted
Sometimes problem breaking us down, making us stronger to finish another chance
so, if you lost something today,don't regret it all times
You'll find a reason soon dear!
Be strong!

hehehee, am i look like a motivator ? LOL i don't know why but these days i feel wiser
than ever. Yes,Problem makes me stronger. I've promised to my life since i failed in one matter
i won't fail in another matter.

back to the main course, i just want to share my newly hair :P

well, let's smile with me :) Each Smile is really worthy

#nowplaying the script-Long gone and moved on

Black is somehow better

Any colour - so long as it's black.
Henry Ford
hy guys, what have you done through this day? am just cooking,watching tv,sleeping and oh also taking these! Well these are some expressions of me today, the blacky mood sent me to this "narcism" feeling. So yes,i ran taking my DSLR and started to make some expressions :D
well done,this me in black & white performances

p.s : i'm still learning about photography

#nowplaying The script-Nothing

Dad&Mom I Love You

Good Afternoon everybody, Imma happy because finnaly I got what i wanted for a long time,
guess what?

Yes, Dad and mom gave a surprise for me.... :_ ) They gave me this DSLR camera because I could enter the Medical Faculty
I love you mom and dad, You know what i've been waiting for a long time, this can pump my spirit to be better and better.... Sure dad,i will go on through the lecture. I will do my best and finish it well. I will be a good doctor and yes All i want is to make You Proud
so so , i have my new toy :D and it means a lot for me, i have to learn more about photography to produce the good pictures. So,i've decided to make a flickr account, You can see my snapshot through this link
World In My Lenses
#nowplaying Taylor Swift-the best day

Medical Faculty, I'm Coming !

thanks God, thanks Jesus. You're the best!

Finally,after being so nervous I PASSED IT !

this is one of the greatest gift ever, 
thanks God gor hearing me and all my relative's prayer.

YIPPPIIE Such a big blast!

I will strive hard and make my dream comes true, this is just the beginning,

Thanks for all wishes guys, I Love you all

#nowplaying Hillsong-How Great is Our God