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Menampilkan postingan dari Juni, 2011

Summer on the air

Hey guys, summer holiday is on air :D
for me it's not too special but what about yours ? :)

so yesterday,my family and i went to the lake visiting my grandparents and enjoying the free air
I don't know why, but i always in love with Lake and Beach :)

This is my Pose :D

maximum tee,very me jeans,crocs,monol watch,unbranded bag
anyway, i got this from ponds :) really love the new package

#nowplaying Jason Mraz-Summer Breeze

Photo grappo!

this is saturday and i just sit in front of lappy. well, to fill my boredom i'd like to post "my jepretan" yesterday yesterday me with another 10 friends took a trip to a village.
We came to my friends house, having a lotsa fun, we ate so many things such as chicken grilled, chicken curry,  and exactly "DURIAN GRENADE" hahahaha i called it grenade because it's supa dupa crazy delicioso!
we were back to nature yesterday, walking into the forest, cut down the fruits, and yes it's the right time for me to take TONS of PHOTOS... 
The skies was clear and pretty to be taken!
here they are, enjoy:
1. atmosphere
2. contrast
3. Too shy to be shown
4. Once in an afternoon
5. peace free
6. Dusk
7. Just a tree
8. Vio Violet

Tyler Ward Covers my day with smile :)

Hello, I come back with a few post
so this is a part for my idol, hmm exactly new idol
Please welcome Tyler Ward
a creative and superb singer,guitarist,pianist,and also drummer :)

I firstly saw him on youtube when he was covering taylor swift :the story of us" 
with 11 years old girl called Jossie

Passion is what drives Tyler Ward to write, produce and perform music; however, music wasn’t always his focus. Encouraged by his father at a young age to pursue athletics, Tyler spent his time working towards scoring touchdowns and winning football games rather than chasing his musical dream.

After completing high school, Tyler was accepted to the United States Air Force Academy where he started his collegiate football career. Tyler never adjusted to the military lifestyle, “I smiled too much,” he said. It was because of his excessive smiling and creative expression that Tyler found himself scrubbing toilets and cleaning floors on the weekends.

Despite the intensive janitorial experience, Tyl…

self expressions

I'm quite bored through this situation, so yesterday i took my camera and produced these :Denjoy!

#nowplaying jason mraz-butterfly

what's up!

hey guys, wassap
i'm back from a long hiatus, i'm so happy to feel this free air.
Apparently i have finished my so-frightened exams:)
Yes, the battle was over, and i'm quite nervous to wait for the result
fyi in my opinion and other friends, our exam was more difficult than years ago :( *sigh
factly, i found a problem in math and TPA 
But overall, i thanked God for He gave me such a blessing and i didn't feel too nervous to face it all,
Now, I just surrender
I've done my duty to work hard as long as i study, and to do my best. It's time for God making the miracle, checking mine, and giving me the best based on HIS mind 

btw, a past few days
i was so happy to know that all my relatives support and pray for me, 
i was kinda very happy when i receive this via twitter

thank you for my cutest germany friend "anita" you've made my day

#nowplaying Yiruma-dreams