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easter :)

good morning, happy sunday, happy easter shine your Light :)

when i was bored, I do Photograph :)

hey pals!
i come back with the new post, i'm so enthusiast to post many things because today and tomorrow are my last two days for refreshing, You know why/
it's because from monday i will be busy because of a short course/tuition before the national selection of university next 31st may
I will seldom post something, so now i will try to post many thing as possible as i can :D LOL

these are some pics from my creative idea :) i took these pic when i was bored
i took my camera, being "active" for a while and yes playing my photography idea

this is it, hope you like it!

1. friendly bear
2. camera speaks
3. He is Light
4.Light the Dark plant
6. go green
7.hold your baby doll
8.i'm cold
9. mess 
10. light lantern

Goodbye Days

Well, The journey is over
The school day finished, and i was thinking about all memories that we have had
Goodbye my Beloved friends,
Goodbye my dear desk,
Goodbye all classmates,
we will never do another crazy stuff in our class :_(

so,tomorrow we will hold a farewell party, and i can't believe time flows too fast
Faster than what i've tought
this is the last pieces from my class 3IPA2 (XII science)
on the chemistry lesson,my chemistry teacher who is exactly our homeroom give us a free activities because it was the last day,my friends and i took so many crazy pictures, jumped into another chair, stood on the table, and made a noise :')
at the night, we held a lil farewell private party, just for all members of 3A2, it was the craziest day ever! we laughed,talked,ate so much... we danced and sang so many songs until 11 pm...

it was a tired day, but nothing useless... I want to do it again :( when i was arriving at home, i thought "when will i do the same thing?, with whom i will d…

my last high school day :_(

is it serious? I still can't believe that tomorrow is my last day sitting in my chair,doing a crazy thing with my classmates..
Oh really, i'm going to cry now
we don't have many time,
13-15 april we'll have a short holiday
16 april we will have a farewell party
18-21 april will face national exam

so,tomorrow will be my last chance to make my classmates smile because of me. T.T

high school is the moment that you'll find something ordinary tastes extraordinary

high school is the moment that you'll find someone who laugh and raise their hand at you when you're falling

high school is the moment that you'll find the meaning of true friendship

high school is the moment that you'll find the differences between luck and success

high school is the moment that you'll find the cruel-anger teacher

high school is the moment that your teacher doesn't want to hear your complaining about homework or exam

high school is the moment that you'll realize th…


hey everyone, i just came back from school
so now, i will post my photograph-results
jeng jeng jeng

"Gardenia-idea" when i was doing nothing, i suddenly had this idea :D
so i took my camera, went to the garden and capture my mom's plants
it was so fun, combining my eggs miniature with leaf and flowers

well guys, this is it... Enjoy!
1. hold on 

2. an afternoon weather
3. leaf nest
5 what about yellow?

tools : sony steadyshot DSC 12.1 megapixel adobe photoshop : lomography

p.s anyway i currently busy with books, 18-21 april i have a national exam wish me luck :)

#nowplaying bruno mars-grenade

Winner vs Loser

There are some characteristics about Winner and Loser, Make sure that You are totally a Winner :) Winners focus on solutions                                  Losers focus on problems                                   
Winners take responsibility                                Losers blame others                                            
Winners find opportunities in crisis                     Losers complain about crisis                               
Winners are humble                                             Losers are egoistic                                            
Winners set goals                                                 Losers lack goals                                              
Winners face their fear                                         Losers dwell in their fear                                     
Winners work hard                                               Losers avoid work                                               
Winners are certain������������������������…

Mommy's 47 and another prize

Mommy, it's your day :)
You've been older 

it's so great that mom got double prize today,

firstly,she's been 47
secondly, she was inducted into her new position

such a blast
i'm so happy and proud of you mom!

Happy birthday my dearest mommy :) long life,stays healthy..keep praying for your daughters and son especially your curliest daughter  don't be afraid about tomorrow,we'll face it together, really! :)

*hugs&kisses*  :* #nowplaying Yiruma-it's your day