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Menampilkan postingan dari Maret, 2011

Yiruma-Kiss The rain

I really love this piece! so damn in love :))
I know this song have aired since a few years ago, but i don't know why when i was looking into Yiruma's biography i felt like this is his masterpiece
Really, I play this song in each time i want :D

And i just wonder, it's so cool if i can cover this song with my voice!
Sure, I will :)
i'll do it asap

Yiruma and His Pieces :)

Yirumais thestage nameofI Ru-ma(born February 15, 1978), a popular pianist and composer fromSouth Korea. The name "Yiruma" means "accomplishment" in Korean. Yiruma's piano music is expressive and introspective. Yiruma is internationally known. He frequently performs at sold-out concerts in Asia, Europe and North America. His Alma MaterKing's Collegein England helped him gain European popularity and recognition. Several of his most popular pieces include, "River Flows in You", "Kiss the Rain", and "Maybe". His most popular album "First Love" was released in 2001. He began playing the piano at the age of five, and moved to London when he was 11, in 1988, to study at The Purcell School of Music . He possessed dual citizenship of South Korea and England until 2006. In 2006, he gave up his UK citizenship to serve in the Navy of South Korea.
Yiruma married Son Hye-Im on May 27, 2007.Son Hye-Im's younger sister is the Korea…

Should i complain?

hey readers! i have finished my school exams, but it's not the truly finish
I have 3-4 exams again.
# For this week i have to finish my last practical exams
# Next 18-21 April i will have a nassional exams
# 31 May - 1 June i will face the greatest exam "National Selection of New University Students"

I ever complaint about all exams! i feel bored and i want it finish fastly
but should i bored or complaint about my duty?

NO! exactly NO
i have to finish it well, i want to show the world that i can make it mine!
so come on, please pray for me and another SHS' students who struggle like me

now i want to tell you about my outfit yesterday

#nowplaying Taylor swift-enchanted


i have so many exams during a week,
it's because i'm in my last grade and this month until May are a super duper busy month,
i have to study hard
i have to read all books from 1st-6th semester....OMO it's so hard
but everything is gonna be alright, I believe :)

Quote of the day
"God will bless you if you don't give up when your faith is being tested"

Luckiest Lace Dress

Today's Outlook

it's pretty, huh?

Lastly, i really admire this!!! thisi is the prettiest :)

KiLL your Boredom

Boredom will come If You have a free time and you don't know what to do same like me, i often got mad when i was doing nothing at break, again and again the final destination is Bedroom for SLEEP
ah i think that's not cool to spend our free time,rite? so what can we do to kill this situation? I have a few tricks for you
1. Surfing on Internet Most of teenager spend their time with this stuff, some of them use it to search their assignment. When you feel so bored,you can surf something kinda weird or something make your eyes open..I mean such a game site, I love because i can play dress-up games, for another girls, i offer this site because i think you can dress-up your pretty dolls freely. Clicking wondershoe, robinet, hot chocolate mint, up, topshop, you can mix and match your style with an up to date style... Try it!!
2. Tidying your Clothes and Closet I often do this thing when i don't know what to do, sometimes we can find our old-fashionable clothes in our wardr…