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Menampilkan postingan dari Januari, 2011

The Folks Searching The Light

Where is the Light?

Lately, Happy new year buddies!!

it's been the 21st day of 2011 and i don't say happy new year to you all...(not cool,rite?)

anyway happy new year fellas!
i thank God for 2010, the good year (Y) :
+ i met some friends and my gigantic dwarf <3
+ i had a friendly classmates
+ i got a good school report
+ i enjoyed my hobby (piano and photograph)
+ i had a cool christmas

talking about resolution, i think everyone make their own,rite?
and I also make mine, here they are
* Study Hard
* Begin my day with BIBLE and PRAYER (ga boleh bolong" lagi)
* Taking course happily everyday :P
* Eating and doing a healthy stuff

and these are my wish list for 2011 AMEN (LOL ^^)
#everyone stay healthy
#get a good score in school or national exams
#entering my coolest faculty --> Faculty of Medicine (amen)
this is my family and also my biggest desire LORD, i will strive to get it :)
#get a new handphone (whahaha X6 is slurrpe)
#get a DSLR camera (my dad will give it to me if i can enter medical faculty..woot woot)
#Samosir or JaVa ex…