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Symphony Of the Tiny Cloud

If you know
My Story since yesterday …
I was a small cloud in the middle of a giant cloud
I’m just an ordinary cloud like appear to be different
I was not something that is too important for the world
I like a complementary lump of bright sky
My best friend is a figure of old sun
To me he was too far to be defeated
Emitted light to the world
Without it I never looked back.
Every time I dream
Another cloud was always laughing
I know my dream isn’t sure
But, is it wrong if i make my dream?
My dream is not to be a giant cloud
My dream is not to be a mighty cloud
Only a simple fantasy
Or constrained imaginary?
My life sometimes feels uncertain
I often deny themselves
Being a person who continues to run
Although sometimes unable to.
When all laughed and hummed
I had to hide my tears
Taking my happy mask
In the middle of wounds suffered
Tired to be like this
My body felt unable to stand
searching the supporting hearts
At times depressed and hurt
Life of the little cloud was never sure
Sometimes laughing with the sun
Sometimes hiding and crying with the rain’s curtain
After dusk he did not appear again
If the cloud was moaning
He was glad when the rain sobbing
No one can know
That she was moaning
Sometimes My days hurt
Only one thing that i always wait
That is true embrace
The rainbow’s waltz
If you know
My Story since yesterday…
my dream just like to be a rainbow’s waltz


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KiLL your Boredom

Boredom will come If You have a free time and you don't know what to do same like me, i often got mad when i was doing nothing at break, again and again the final destination is Bedroom for SLEEP
ah i think that's not cool to spend our free time,rite? so what can we do to kill this situation? I have a few tricks for you
1. Surfing on Internet Most of teenager spend their time with this stuff, some of them use it to search their assignment. When you feel so bored,you can surf something kinda weird or something make your eyes open..I mean such a game site, I love because i can play dress-up games, for another girls, i offer this site because i think you can dress-up your pretty dolls freely. Clicking wondershoe, robinet, hot chocolate mint, up, topshop, you can mix and match your style with an up to date style... Try it!!
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hey fellas,
i made a post about my quality time with high-school friend. Because of the summer break My old friend, Daniel just landed in Medan last Thursday, He was a student of  Tenth of November University in Surabaya. 
We made a short meeting for singing/karaoke-ing ;) it was only for about 4 hours together with daniel but it's worthwhile. We talked too much, laughed too much. It's been long time for us not to laugh together like this  *Grateful*

After Daniel went back home, I,Christie,Cyndi,Hotni continued our journey. LOL we went to a pwetty-chic cafe called "Gardenia Cafe". It was my first time visiting that cafe, well the architecture, the view, and all the stuffs there are so comfortable :) For all Medan's blogger, You have to go to Gardenia Cafe, it serve not only all good food, but also a good place to snap tons of photos. hahahaha

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Hello Monday! today isn't like any kinda freaking yet stressful monday. Horray!  All exams are finished and it's mean I've Done my 3rd Semester in Medschool.  Time Flies so fast, I will enter the 4th semester in middle of February. I'm grateful for all goods and bads happened in the last semester, I promise myself, i will be better, better and better in the next semester. 
As a beginning in my holiday, My family and I went to a local beach next to our region. It's "Pantai Bunga" located in Batubara, North Sumatera. It took 2 hours driving from my house. Just call it "Family escaping" because we didn't make much preparation and fyi we actually didn't know about the location but my dad said he was a map-walking. Hahahaha

Arriving at the beach, we took a place for sit and relax. My mom ordered a lot of seafood. A LOT *yummy After ate all of those food, my sister and i took a lot of photos near the beach. Forget about our silly face, hahahah…