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Symphony Of the Tiny Cloud

If you know My Story since yesterday … I was a small cloud in the middle of a giant cloud I’m just an ordinary cloud like appear to be different I was not something that is too important for the world I like a complementary lump of bright sky My best friend is a figure of old sun To me he was too far to be defeated Emitted light to the world Without it I never looked back. Every time I dream Another cloud was always laughing I know my dream isn’t sure But, is it wrong if i make my dream? My dream is not to be a giant cloud My dream is not to be a mighty cloud Only a simple fantasy Or constrained imaginary? My life sometimes feels uncertain I often deny themselves Being a person who continues to run Although sometimes unable to. When all laughed and hummed I had to hide my tears Taking my happy mask In the middle of wounds suffered Tired to be like this My body felt unable to stand searching the supporting hearts At times depressed and hurt Life of the little cloud was never sure Sometimes laughing with the sun Some…