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collecting the expressions

hwah... it's been so long to get on hiatus...LoL,

i'm back readers^^
Now,i'd like to post the expressions that i took with my camera,

i love to take a snapshot,
i love to take people's expression instead of taking mine

this is a collection after being a secret paparazzi
haha ;P

collecting the expressions,
enjoy it dear

1. hey,say,jump :)

2. hiding from the rain

3. gotta catch 'em all

4. "yoyo" the story teller :P

5. shooter

6. grey matter :)

7. Smiley rhapsody

8. Baby oh baby

with a wide smile...


(born March 26, 1987) is a Japanesesinger-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actress.Yui was born in Fukuoka, Japan. She grew up in a single parent family and does not have any memory of her father. She states that she has always been close to music; be it from her mother's car stereo or the radio, she would remember the tunes and sing along. During her third year in middle school, under her mother's influence, Yui began a journal of her everyday feelings and poetry. By the time she was in high school, she was writing songs.She decided that school and music could not coexist. She encountered a live street performance and expressed her desire to pursue a musical career to the band, Bianco Nero, at the end of the concert. Bianco Nero advised Yui to join a private music school.Her professional career began in March 2004 when, at the recommendation of her juku instructors, she applied for an audition hosted by Sony Music Japan.Because "I Know" was incomp…

YUI you rock my day :)

Oh Goodbye days,
Ima, kawari hajimeta
Mune no ukuAll Right...

That's the short piece from Yui's Goodbye days...
I felt this is the nicest song when i was listening it,
Just told you,
when i was surfing on internet, i felt curious to know Yui
Then i saw a lil information about Film : taiyou no uta.

When i saw the thriller, i was crying like hell
especially when i heard Goodbye days
From that moment,
I feel crazy with Yui
her songs,
her guitar's harmony,
and of course her acting in taiyou no uta
I give all Thumbs for Her...

All of her songs are awesome, easy listening
and although i don't understand the japanese lyric
i'd rather know what it's mean by hearing the english keyword on her lyre
hehe ^^

La La La It's Happy Line

I cry forGoodbye Days
I feel curious for Tomorrow's day
I 'm happy to seekSkyline
I run forFind me
I cheer withmyLife
I smile forthis Summer Song
I feel the spirit ofGloria

and all of her song Left a memory
Impressed me...

For the next posting, i will descr…

LaLaLa Awesome Lake :)

Here is the gift from my vacation 2 months ago...
hehe it's too late rite?? cause i was busy for the first month being the 3rd grade of SHS' student :)
now i've 30 minutes for fulfill this space enjoy dear....

PS : Location --> Paropo, North Sumatera, Indonesia 3-4 July 2010

I love Myself


I'm walking alone because no one there
I'm running because i feel it'll faster than me
I'm crying bevause i feel that tears are too heavy
I'm laughing because i feel my mouth is irritating

Do you know? I always feel strange with myself,
I feel i'm walking alone although it's too crowd to pass
I'm runnig away although none will catch me
I'm laughing although I must be crying

This is myself
I can't change with another soul
Although the universe refuse me
I believe i can find my shelter
i'll find my sweetest friend.

Although the world laugh for my life
I believe their laughter gonna be a prayer for me
It'll teach me how hard this world
It'll make me stronger!


The sky is smiling... :)

P.H.O.T.O.G.R.A.P.H.O i love photographie...
even i'm not a professional, i love <3>

these are some photos which i took from several places such as home, uluwatu and GWK bali,..
no editing... -candid-
enjoy dear,,


Symphony Of the Tiny Cloud

If you know My Story since yesterday … I was a small cloud in the middle of a giant cloud I’m just an ordinary cloud like appear to be different I was not something that is too important for the world I like a complementary lump of bright sky My best friend is a figure of old sun To me he was too far to be defeated Emitted light to the world Without it I never looked back. Every time I dream Another cloud was always laughing I know my dream isn’t sure But, is it wrong if i make my dream? My dream is not to be a giant cloud My dream is not to be a mighty cloud Only a simple fantasy Or constrained imaginary? My life sometimes feels uncertain I often deny themselves Being a person who continues to run Although sometimes unable to. When all laughed and hummed I had to hide my tears Taking my happy mask In the middle of wounds suffered Tired to be like this My body felt unable to stand searching the supporting hearts At times depressed and hurt Life of the little cloud was never sure Sometimes laughing with the sun Some…

Simphony awan kecil

Seandainya Kau tahu
Kisahku sejak dulu…

Aku adalah awan kecil di tengah gumulan awan raksasa
Aku hanyalah awan biasa yang ingin tampil berbeda
Aku bukanlah sesuatu yang terlalu penting bagi dunia
Aku bagaikan gumpalan pelengkap langit ceria

Sahabatku adalah sesosok mentari tua
Bagiku dia terlalu jauh untuk ditandingi
Sinarnya terpancar bagi dunia
Tanpanya aku tak pernah tampak lagi.

Tiap kali aku bermimpi
Awan lain selalu menertawai
Aku tau mimpiku tak pasti
Tapi, Salahkah bila aku bermimpi?

Mimpiku bukanlah menjadi awan raksasa
Mimpiku bukanlah menjadi awan perkasa
Hanya angan-angan sederhana
Atau khayal yang terkendala?

Hidupku kadang terasa tak pasti
Aku sering memungkiri diri
Menjadi sosok yang terus berlari
Walau kadang tak mampu lagi.

Ketika semua tertawa dan bersenandung
Aku harus menyembunyikan tangisanku
Mengambil Topeng bahagia
Di tengah luka merana

Letih menjadi seperti ini
Tubuhku terasa tak mampu tuk berdiri
Mencari-cari penopang hati
Di kala gundah dan tersakiti

Hidup si awan kecil tak pernah pasti